Paisano Photography

What started out as a hobby and a little something for a lonely only child to do for amusement has blossomed into a full fledged creative outlet.  Landscapes, animals, live concerts & music are focus areas, but I enjoy shooting creative portraiture as well.

My focus areas allow me to experience a certain naturality a certain spontaneity, a lack of formal posing that I believe allows the subject matter honesty and openness.  The innocence of an animal in the wild or the sheer beauty of Mother Nature or the honesty and passion of an artist in full performance mood simply puts a smile on my face.  My hope is that if nothing else, my photography will make someone say "Hmmm..."

I've learned much about myself over the years by letting my camera become a window to the world.  While by some standards, I may be considered an amateur, I believe art is in the eyes of the beholder.  When I see an image before me, I know that the scene will speak to me in ways others may not think of.